Home Visitation

Community Partners Self-Sufficiency Development Program (CoPa)

CoPa is a voluntary intensive in-home delivery system for self-sufficiency development services as well as home visitation and family support services including the Nurtured Heart approach to parenting, 24/7 Dads, Prevent Child Abuse,  DHS Home Visitation Program, and in-home child development services based on Early Head Start. Each Family Development Specialist works in partnership with participants empowering them to meet challenges and solve future crises.

Please contact (800) 873-1899 for more information.


Family Development and Self Sufficiency for FIP Recipients (FaDSS)

FaDSS is a statewide voluntary home visitation program for participants in the Family Investment Program (FIP) and who are working with PROMISE JOBS.  Regular home visits with families assist them in moving towards economic and emotional self-sufficiency. Services include family financial literacy, employment skills, linking families to community resources, assessments of family strengths, goal setting and advocacy.

Please contact (800) 873-1899 for more information.